Candidates for Federal Office


Democratic Party

Republican Party

Representative in Congress

Karen Hartley-Nagle



Micheal Miller



Jerry W. Northington



Candidates for Statewide Office


Democratic Party

Republican Party


John Carney

William Swain Lee


Jack Markell

Michael D. Protack

Insurance Commissioner

Gene Reed



Tom Savage



Karen Weldin Stewart



Candidates for State Senate


Democratic Party

Republican Party

State Senate District 4

Dee Durham

Richard L. Abbott


Michael S. Katz

John D. Clatworthy



Michael Fleming

State Senate District 6

John Mackenzie



Michael A. Terranova


State Senate District 10


Andrea Daley



James David Weldin


Candidates for New Castle County offices


Democratic Party

Republican Party

County Executive

Christopher A. Coons



Thomas Gordon


President of County Council

Paul G. Clark



William H. Dunn


County Council District 8

John Cartier



Carl S. Colantuono


County Council District 12

William Bell



Thomas Scherer



Candidates for City of Wilmington offices


Democratic Party

Republican Party


James M. Baker



Robert I. Bovell, Jr.


President of City Council

Theopalis K. Gregory, Sr.



Norman D. Griffiths


City Council District 1

Nnamdi Chukwuocha



Charles Potter, Jr.


City Council District 2

Ernest M. Congo II



Michele A. Griffiths



Devon L. Hynson



Lawrence C. Smith


City Council District 3

Stephanie T. Bolden



Richard L. Dyton


City Council District 4

Mack D. Cochran



Hanifa Shabazz


City Council District 8

Campbell Hay



Stephen L. Martelli



Joseph D. Zilcosky


City Council District at Large

Darius J. Brown



Dwight L. Davis



Charles M. Freel



Samuel L. Guy



Gary E. Hutt



Loretta Walsh



Vincent M. White



Justen Wright